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Chester & District FA Junior Football League code of conduct

CNDJFL Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct forms the foundation on which this league is built.  It has been developed to promote a more acceptable standard of behaviour from Players, Supporters and Club Officials alike. The officers of this league are committed to raise the profile of the Chester and District Junior League.  The ethos of this competition is built on this code. It is the responsibility of all club and league officials to promote good sportsmanship. No player or adult associated with Junior Football, Girls Football or Mini Soccer in this League should be left in doubt as to what behaviour is acceptable.


PLAYING FOOTBALL BOTH INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A TEAM MEMBER: Remember they are not playing to fulfil you’re ambitions or boost your ego they are playing for their own enjoyment.  Coaches should use positive language at all times. Praise the players don’t subject them to unnecessary pressure by just shouting orders at them. Players don’t deliberately go onto the field of play to make mistakes. If you can’t be positive then don’t be a coach.

2.         LEARN THE LAWS OF THE GAME: be an informed spectator then you will understand better what you are looking at and you will appreciate the difficulties of interpretation.  Encourage the players to play by the Laws of the Game and encourage Fair Play.

3.         SET A GOOD EXAMPLE: Players are impressionable. They will copy your conduct and attitude therefore all adults should display appropriate behaviour at all times. 

4.         APPRECIATE GOOD FOOTBALL: Applaud ALL good play by both teams.

5.         NEVER DIRECT ABUSE: Always demonstrate courtesy and good humour; never ridicule or shout at a player for making a mistake or losing, praise them or keep quite. Do not use profane language, harass or direct dissent at match officials or coaches. They are working for your player’s enjoyment and benefit. Show them respect at all times. .    Referees are volunteers. Do not abuse them. Without referees the game cannot be played

6.         ACCEPT DEFEAT WITH GRACE: If you never experience and accept Defeat you cannot appreciate the sweet taste of success. Do not gloat at winning.

7.         CONDEMN VIOLENCE: In all Circumstances.

8.         RESPECT YOUR OPPONENTS: Without them, there would be no games.

9.         NEVER TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS: Let Club Officials deal with any Problems that may arise. 

10.       NEVER BE DRAWN INTO DISPUTES: Do not get into arguments with other spectators, players or Officials.

11.       SAFETY MEASURES: The home team coach shall place either cones (Mini-Soccer) or ropes (Junior Division) no less than 1 metre from the touchlines. Parents and supporters must not enter this area. Parents and Supporters must not stand on the goal line or behind the goals. 

12.      COACHES RESPONSIBILITIES: No coach shall enter the field of play without the match official’s permission.  If a coach is aggrieved at the behaviour of a player from the opposing team then they should raise their concerns in an appropriate manner with that player’s coach and not the child directly. All coaches and club officials must control their supporters.

The League Executive Committee reserves the right to expel any player, spectator, coach, team or club who breach this code of Conduct or impose any other penalty as they see fit.

Sep 5, 2008, 1:33 AM